Weekly News #14

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Weekly News #14

Post#1 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:46 pm

Greetings! This week we have the usual recap of last week's raid, and then we'll be reiterating over the line of events we've got going on. To finish up we have a couple of reminders about the holiday events.

Heroic Archimonde acted up a bit last week, and it took a few more tries than usual to take him down. Eventually we struck the mortal blow but decided to hold off on the Mythic attempt until we can put our best foot forward. Following Archimonde, we ran through a couple of heroic bosses for gear, which were successful kills, but we're all still mourning poor Baleva's unlucky roll.

Once again, here's the list of Christmas events we currently have running:

Christmas Creative Competition!
Create, design or capture a moment in WoW.

Cards Against Humanity match!
An online Cards Against Humanity match with guildies.

Christmas Card Caption Competition!
Design a verse, caption or poem for a Christmas card to send to our horde faction leaders.

Forgotten Souls Annual Cover Photo!
Strut your glorious stuff in your favourite festive-wear for a Forgotten Souls Facebook cover photo.

Dazzle Tag!
Prepare to flex your dodging and aiming skills in a contest of Dazzling Rod stand-offs.

And finally, a quick reminder on the holiday event: The savage gifts (purchasable at the garrison with currency earned from dailies) have a chance to contain the Grumpling pets, the Minion of Grumpus mount, and 300% exp potions- just something to keep in mind if you're writing off the dailies this year (which were made more bearable after they raised the spawn-rate on those presents, believe me). Also, remember to log in on or after the 25th to collect your in-game sled toy.

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