Weekly News #11

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Weekly News #11

Post#1 » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:07 am

Some exciting news this week- we've had some excellent results from the valiantly returning raid team, and are due to have more info on the Forgotten Souls Christmas Competitions to be posted this weekend! Plus, over the past week we've had a couple of new members joining the crew.

The Valor boost proved to be all that was needed as we downed heroic Archimonde after only our third or fourth attempt that night. With Archy down we've now fully cleared both the normal and heroic instances of Hellfire Citadel. With a few more raiders (always looking for suitable recruits by the way, hint hint) then perhaps Mythic mode, here we come?

Over the past week we have been joined by two new players, Vlin and Diesekkted, the latter of which wishes me to mention their vibrant personality, so let's make sure to give them a warm Forgotten Souls welcome.

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