Weekly News #9

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Weekly News #9

Post#1 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:14 am

A few things to announce today, some raid some guild news. This week is another mythic attempt on the first boss again. Whether the assault falls or not we'll jump in straight at the upper tier clear and hopefully have a full night attempting to down Archimonde on the Monday.

The main big announcement is that this last week we have seen 3 new Officers among our ranks.

These three have been chosen for the role they have come to play while being with us. Garreth, Jason and Zanjun are the elected three that chose to take up the challenge. Garreth for those who don't know has been with us for a very long time, knows rather well how we have gotten to where we are and how we work. He has become a very reliable helpful guy in and out of raids. Jason, also been with us a long time and has been incredibly helpful during his time with us and has provided excellent guidance to many a guildie in the past and is a pet Master! Zanjun, one of our newer recruits, but has proven in a short time to be helpful and the fresh young blood the team has been looking for. Remember to bug him about PVP anytime!

Please give a warm reception to them and remember to be gentle. They each have become a solid, well recognised, helpful member, great ambassadors of the guild and we are proud to welcome them to the team. Thanks for everything you three have done so far.

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