Weekly News #8

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Weekly News #8

Post#1 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 2:15 pm

So this week we saw some good attempts on Archimonde Heroic getting him down to as far as 15%, which means we should be dancing round his dead body very soon. We saw a few issues with the Infernals and encourage everyone on helping us healers and look at we can help each other survive.

No change in the standings.
Progress: 12/13 (H)
World: 8643
EU: 3793
Realm: 25 (9th Horde)

If anyone finds themselves with time I’d encourage some of you to start grouping up and running some of the newer or returning members of the guild some catch up gear, normal, heroic and mythic. Or for the more skilled of you perhaps try some Challenge modes? We have several new members this week, welcome Bini, Brok, Gílad and Grubberus to our ranks.

Just a quick note to say we will be running some Christmas competitions again for fun in the future, more will be posted in the coming weeks with some prizes of various sorts to be won as usual. Only a few days left in game to get the headless horseman mount drop too, why not see if a tank or healer is available for a fast queue.

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