Weekly News 21/10/2015

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Weekly News 21/10/2015

Post#1 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:46 am

So after a weekend focused on progressing the guild on boss kills we certainly went about it in a ForgottenSouls way. Both first attempts on Mannaroth and Archimonde were sooo close to a kill it could have been a dream weekend. Sadly however in true FS style we just got worse and worse as the night went on. Luckily we did get a kill in on Mannaroth but Archimonde just seemed to elude us. So on to the stats for the weeks progress. We increased our progress but didn't change our rankings.
Progress: 12/13 (H)
World: 8556 EU: 3762 Realm: 25 (9th Horde)

Please make sure you welcome on board the new souls, always make the effort to say "Hi" and help out where you can. Remember you started out in the guild once and it's nice to be welcomed in.
Join me in wishing a loot laden time to Evilgroanz and a welcome return to the guild for Baul.

So this weeks things to look out for,
The raiders will be attempting to breach the Hellfire assault on mythic difficulty, make sure you read the tactics come prepared and be signed up so DF can pick his best team.

Due to the aims to progress raiding forwards the guild has now put a third night of raiding up in the calendar focusing on gearing up new raiders up, with loots and knowledge on encounters. Sign up to take part or if you can please sign up to help others in need.

Did you know you can get a previously limited addition pet Murky? No? ok well here are the facts you need... http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/1 ... exclusive/

Also in case you haven't seen this before, some fun facts about wow you probably would like to know - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMk7nvAkxsk

Would you like your guildies to get to know the real you a little bit better? Well send in a private message containing a few short paragraphs telling us about you and we'll post it in this news feed.

Till next time, keep having fun and good loot fortunes!

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