Weekly News #6

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Weekly News #6

Post#1 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:04 pm

Progress: 11/13 (H)
World: 8539
EU: 3709
Realm: 22 (9 Horde only)

So this week raiding we didn’t get the chance to practice some moves on Mannaroth. A few wipes and setbacks meant moving forward was slow. We hope to see improvements over the coming weeks and finally start finishing out Heroic.
Mythic raiding has been cancelled on Sunday and MOVED to Sunday night the following week.

Sunday night’s raid will be the usual Man/Archi kills then upper tier only heroic.

Saturday after you will find on the calendar a heroic 1-6 boss clear if anyone is thinking they want gear for alts or mains from the first six please sign up. If people who are currently raiding on their mains from the usual Sunday and Monday nights are needing items I'll be giving them priority for those items.

Monday night raiding for the next couple of weeks will be focused to a small sized affair aiming to farm heroic bosses and aim to progress kill Man and Archi. This should help to start getting the tactics down easier for the long run.

Please also see there is an introductory raid starting on normal mode being brought in for the moment to help people gear up who are returning, get people getting achievements, learning to raid and a bit of fun. These are labelled as Open Raid nights. See the Calendar or speak to an officer if you have questions.

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