Weekly News #5

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Weekly News #5

Post#1 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:45 pm

Its been a successful week for raiding this week!
We managed to kill 2 new bosses this week putting us on 13/13 normal and 11/13 on heroic.Great job everyone!
We were managing to get a hold of Mannaroth too, so it shouldn't be too long before we're 12/13!

In the rankings we have slipped over all but remain static on the server.
World: 8322
Eu: 3579
We've moved up a spot to Realm 21st, but remain 9th Horde only.

No fresh blood has joined up to Forgotten Souls this week.

We've got some important notifications about upcoming guild events
Firstly, we will be starting Monday night raids 30 minutes earlier from now on in an attempt to finish 30 minutes earlier; this should help a lot of our raiders who work through the week and still want to raid

Secondly, We'll be giving Mythic Hellfire Citadel our first attempt on Sunday the 18th at 1pm server time. The plan is to see if we can take the first boss Hellfire Assault. Those of you hoping to attend ensure you're fully stocked on flasks, potions, gems and enchants. If you haven't what additional tricks Hellfire Assault has up its sleeves for us on Mythic take a look at the Raid Strategy section of our forums for a breakdown and video links!

And finally, our glorious leader Drippingfang wants to make people aware there will not be a raid scheduled for Sunday the 8th of November due to Blizzcon, so enjoy watching it those of you who are going (like me!) and those who are watching with a digital ticket.

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