Weekly News #4

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Weekly News #4

Post#1 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:16 am

So this week on the front is a short update. These next four weeks I won't be on as much in the week due to long days with uni and work 5/6 days a week but I should be about on the weekends in this time where my wrists and hands permit.

We remain at the kill level of normal 13/13 and 9/13 heroic.
No new boss kills this week, however I'm confident next week will see Xhul'horac die pretty easy.

In the rankings we have slipped over all but remain static on the server.
World: 8718
Eu: 3733
Realm 22nd, but remain 9th Horde only.

We have had a few new starters in the last week, Kachanski and laramayreika. Please help these two newest recruits feel welcome as one of us.

We will be trying to make short raid runs to help people get into gearing and raiding but may need some help getting this up off the ground and will take time to get the numbers perhaps some of those already raiding want to start bringing alts to get some gear and help some of those who are just coming to that point.

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