Weekly News #2 13/09/15

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Weekly News #2 13/09/15

Post#1 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:31 pm

Time for another weekly update, Sorry it's a late one - busy week here. Summer has pretty much come to an abrupt end and means on with some usual business. For many of us this means Uni, Work, College etc. While others it means a break for a while.

Raid progress has been poor this week, due to a low amount of sign ups. We have failed to kill anything new, and didn't manage to kill Archimonde again. Our ranks at reset this week were...

World 9147
EU 3975
Realm 21 (Horde only 9th)

Some of our raiders are not able to make each raid at the moment, we are hoping that it won't be long before some of our newer recruits will be stepping up to the mark and signing up to raids soon.

I want to start getting an idea of how many in numbers I have got to both help guildies gear up and maybe a few people from the raid team with alts or time who may want to help for the sake of getting the main team filled and strengthened. To run a full raid is not happening at the moment so I have been thinking just the first few bosses a week to get people up and raiding.

Feel free for guild members to use the TS3 and Vent comms, though we do appreciate if you can remember to ask before giving out details as a gentle reminder. Plus keep an eye out for events on this month and remember that if there are no specific requirements stated either talk to an officer or just sign up on the calendar.
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