Weekly news #1 02/09/2015

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Weekly news #1 02/09/2015

Post#1 » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:22 am

So a quick update on some guild progress and happenings. We finally the guild has an Archimonde kill!! SMF lent us a healer and a hunter for the evening, but we got there.

So that brings us to a total a progress: 7/13 Heroic 13/ 13 Normal. That means we stand at...

8636th World
3777th Europe
21st Server overall
9th Horde server only

Remember today is patch day 6.2.2, you can check out the patch notes here. Flying, Racial Changes, Timewalking Badges, PvP Changes, Bugfixes and more... http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/19828438/official-622-patch-notes-31-08-2015

This month we have seen a few returning souls Amathera, Rosicrucian and Huntardbinx along with some fresh faces who include Undeadheroes, Zonic, Necrophobia, Tilliane and Skalptor. We would like to give them a warm welcome amongst us and hope you are all settling in well along with some of our other fresh faces over the summer. On that note we are still hoping to see some ranged DPS and healers emerge out for raids as we are recruiting.

Til next time, stay epic.

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