The flames of the foundry have been doused

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The flames of the foundry have been doused

Post#1 » Thu May 14, 2015 9:30 pm

We've killed him.
Blackhand is no more.

The final boss of African American Rock Foundry has been slain by the proud warriors of Forgotten Souls. His officers have been giving us little trouble for weeks, and we'd had another successful ransacking; dispatching his best yet again the previous day. Over the previous weeks we'd spent a lot of time getting closer and closer to a kill.

At first we struggled as soon as we hit the second phase, then we started clearing the room better. Soon after we started dealing with the heavy machinery, and eventually started to get Blackhand angry. After all panicking was over we started to get used to dealing with him at his worst. It was drawing closer and closer, and then finally, we managed to get him. JUST.

Only 2 of our number survived to tell the tale, but it was enough. Blackhand was dead. Xueling and Nightmoon survived.


It was a tough process, for some of us it took over 100 attempts, but we can finally say we beat the foundry.
Next on the agenda for our mighty raiders is to see if we can make some progress into Mythic before our new venture in Tanaan Jungle begins, Hellfire Citadel!

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