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Raid Update

Post#1 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:45 pm

We've had quite a bit of success so far in Black Ethnic Rock Foundry, having done 8/10 bosses on normal and 6/10 bosses on heroic.
However we had a hugely successful evening on the extra credit bonus raid on tuesday, where we managed to kill Kromog on heroic mode. This alone is a great feat, but to pull it off we had to do something quite outstanding.
We managed to top the server's guild-execution score (how well did the tactics) for the Warcraftlogs rankings.
Forgotten souls is the best guild at Kromog on the server!
We took 20k less than the nearest competitor, and we didn't lose a single raider unlike everyone else in the top 15!
But I hear you say "That is great, but how does it stack up against the best guilds out there, pretty poorly I bet". But that is where you're wrong.
Forgotten souls now stand proudly as the 12th best in guild execution on Kromog in the WORLD.
here is some proof for your eyes to feast on!

Hopefully we can keep up this awfully high standard and have the rest of this raid cleared out soon!
Luckily I recorded our kill, so here it is as a video!

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