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Forgotten Souls Guild Rules

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Welcome to the page that nobody wants to read, but everybody should.

This is an open and free to join community and where interest is shown we will try our best to allow you to develop your skills within our teams. We expect you to put in some effort and self learning along with our guidance and hope you can appreciate this is why we use a planned out set of guides and rules.

For new recruits, please contact Morgulf or Drippingfang.

For guild bank access or anything else please contact any of the officers.

Forgotten Souls is a mature guild, originally founded in May 2005 and revived again in September 2009. It was created for a small group of friends to enjoy World of Warcraft together. Since then we have grown into a highly sociable casual raiding guild.

What is important to us, more so than what level you are or how much experience you have in the World of Warcraft, is that you have fun and enjoyment whilst in the guild playing the game. This is a game we all pay for and want to enjoy.

Now, onto the actual rules.

Guild Rules and Guidelines:
If you are in violation of any of the following rules or have overstepped the boundaries of any guidelines you will be contacted by GM/officer to discuss the situation.

1. All guild members must play the game within the terms of service laid out by Blizzard, which you have accepted at the start of playing the game. (Failure to comply to this rule will see you removed from the guild.)
2. DO NOT, under any circumstance use any derogatory language towards any individual or group of people. Just because you do not intend to offend does not make it okay;
3. DO NOT, harass or insult other players for their level of experience or skill at this game. It is not productive action to take;
4. DO NOT, repeatedly ask or nag the guild for help with simple tasks you can easily complete on your own, ask once but please don't spam your request. Guild member's are not your mommy, be independent. Remember however, if you help someone else they'll be more likely to lend you a hand when you really need it;
5. ALWAYS, conduct yourself in a way that reflects well on the guild. Remember you represent Forgotten Souls and as such you should treat every player in the World of Warcraft with the same respect you treat your fellow guild members. Do not scam other players, do not beg for gold, etc;
6. DO NOT, under any circumstance harass, stalk, or bully other players of the game including guildies, in the game, on these forums, via voice comms, social media, or IRL.
7. Keep cursing to a minimum. Keep in mind not everyone listening to you wants to hear that language. This applies guild. Especially in the mornings and afternoons;
8. Visit the website or social media pages regularly to check for news and announcements. Take an active role in this community whenever possible;
9. We recommended that if you wish to be considered a raider that some software and addons are installed to help you with playing the game, such as the guild selected comms, some kind of Boss Mods, and any raid mods being used; (see a RL for more details)
10. Only need on loot, if it really is an upgrade whether in a guild group or in a pug. This guild doesn't want any ninja actions being reported.
11. Please leave attitudes and tempers at the door when you log in and remember we play as friends and as a team;
12. Much of the trading with in the guild will be free, or at the cost of the material, we do not want to see people being over charged or ripped off. For rare items, pets and mounts financial transactions are fine, just a fair price asked for. Free donations to guild bank for others to use is welcomed, but don't clutter up the bank tabs with common or useless items;
13. Most importantly have fun, its why we all log in so don't spoil it for others.

Trial Period:
All new guildies welcomed in to the guild will have to go through a trail period where they bed in to the family. At the end of this time the officers will review the players time in the guild and vote to see if they become a fully fledged guild member.

Dormancy, removal and leavers:
ForgottenSouls is like a family and once you have moved in we like to keep you comfy. We are aware that this sometimes doesn't fit right with everyone, and we know that sometimes people like to spread their wings and see what other guilds have to offer, take on fresh opportunities or even realm transfer, well this is the section to cover all that.

We have all taken breaks and know that wow can be picked up and put down, We hope that when you come back you'll be wanting to play along side us again. So your main toons will be kept in guild if you go dormant, but you may find your alts have been removed by the time you come back. On your return get in touch with a guild officer and we'll get to work on moving your stuff back in.

If you leave for any reason you have our blessing and we wish you good fortune in your future adventures. We may even take you back if you come knocking on the door, However if you keep leaving we may refuse you entry back into the guild, we have feelings too and can get hurt by you constantly leaving.

If you are removed for breaching the guild rules or if you fail your trial, you will have all your alts and potential any one who vouched for you removed. Your chance to return to the guild is limited to winning over all officers in a vote for allowance. Any No votes from an officer will see your return blocked.


Raiding rules:
This section covers our raid rules and is designed to make our raid progression as smooth, seamless and efficient as possible. We're all in this to have some fun and get Loot, and running our raids in an efficient, focused manner allows us to succeed much more quickly.

Use of add-ons is promoted if they help you perform better at your said role, and some are almost mandatory for raiding guilds (such a boss mechanics mod), however we do not demand you install them, if you play fine without them. It should be noted that mods are helping tools to Warcraft and you should never fully depend on them. If a mod crashes mid fight you are expected to perform your roles regardless of if they are running or not.

Raiders need to be online, repaired, and preferably outside the instance, if not at least ready for summon with all their consumables, food, water, reagents, etc. 15 minutes prior to scheduled raid time, and ready for summon 10 minutes prior to raid time.

Please ensure that all your gear is enchanted and socketed for all raids. We should be walking into the instance as a full group at the scheduled start time.

Raiders need to take the time to read up on, watch videos and learn the fights they will be encountering, especially in Mythic content. A few minutes spent reading can save 15 minutes of explaining, and by taking the time to watch a few videos you'll get more background on a fight than the raid leader can provide. This is especially true if you are new to the instance or the bosses, as many times a 10 minute explanation may be required to bring two people up to speed, while eight others just sit around, when it would have been a 2 minute explanation if they'd taken the time to learn strategies.

Note: Although you are asked to take the time out to watch the videos and learn new fights prior to raids, we tend to adapt these boss strategies to suit the guild, so please do not rely on what you read or watch. The videos and strategies are only a guide for us to work with and adapt.

Discord, is currently the communication sofeware of choice used on guild raids. Please ensure you know howe to use it and get it working by speaking to your raid leader. While on them be courteous and never talk over the raid leader, especially when fights are being explained as he/she should never have to shout over idle conversation in order to be heard. Ensure you are listening to the tactics being explained, you don't want to look the fool at the end by asking "So what am i doing?" you'll just be wasting everyone elses time.

Idle conversation during a boss fight can lead to distraction and wipes, so please resist doing this. There will be time during breaks, after boss fights, or during trash clearing for chit chat.

Swearing on comms in an aggressive manor is not acceptable!

Conduct During Raids:
Nothing will ever be pulled until authorised by the Raid Leader and when pulled it will be by the tanks, to avoid unnecessary wipes. Different class balances and types of mobs will dictate the use of different marks and the order of the kills, but we will make every effort to mark consistently and kill in order every time.

DPS needs to give the Main Tanks the opportunity to build aggro prior to starting a pull on every group of mobs, every time. Mis-directs and other aggro displacements should be used on to the active tank.

Raiders must maintain a positive attitude. There is plenty of discussion of strategy, especially when learning boss fights, and the Raid Leader will listen to every suggestion and then decide on a course of action for the raid. Complaints and negative attitudes are not welcome in raids.

Please remember if you are given constructive criticism, or told that you are doing something wrong, please listen to that criticism and learn from it. Do not take offence and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again because you think you know better! This sort of attitude will see your spot in the raid team replaced.

Everyone's input is valued and will be heard, but a Raid is only a democracy when the Raid Leader calls for a vote, his/her decision is final.

Who Gets to Go:
This is one of the stickiest points of raiding, and we handle it in the fairest way possible everyone has the opportunity to sign up for raids. If you are able to meet the minimum requirements for going. It's the raid leader(s) decision that will pick the team. If you are over looked one week, you may be able to get a spot in the future.

The raid has 3 components, tanks, DPS and healers. Different Raid instances and different boss fights call for different class balances, and as we progress we develop our own style and preference on how to set these up. Class balance is much less of an issue on farm content than it is on progression content. Class balance for any given raid is at the discretion of the Raid Leader, and at all times we will attempt to prevent over-saturation of a given class. Normal and Heroic raiding has the function of flexible raid size so more raiders can be accomodated, Mythic is set to a 20 man raid size.

We use the in-game raid calendar for all Raid signups. This is a great scheduling tool, so feel free to post other events such as PVP nights / fun runs / Battlegrounds, Arena time for your teams, 5 Mans or whatever strikes your fancy. Only designated Raid Leaders will post current raid events. Please do not put events up on known raiding nights, unless you have discussed it with the raid leaders.

We WILL NOT force players into a certain spec in order for them to be able to raid. The flip side of that coin, however, is that there are certain consequences to the spec you may choose. For example Arms/Fury warriors are welcome to raid, but as they are DPS warriors they are competing for slots with the other DPS classes. If you are duel spec there may be times when for the good of the raid that you are asked to use a different spec.

The Raid Leader has the final say on raid class balance and make up, and those decisions will always be made based on what is best for the raid and the guild as a whole. If you have any disputes with a decision made by a raid leader then please raise your concerns with the guild officers do not start moaning in guild chat.

Forgotten Souls tries to cater for all guildies and if there are enough raiders a new team will be set up. The officers will also try to set up a new team when there is demand but if you feel like you can raid lead a team and want the opportunity to do this (Even if its an alt raid) get in touch with an officer and we'll look to get it sorted.

Team Mythic
This will consist of 20 raiders who are skilled, know their class and determined to clear Mythic content. This team will be pushing for realm first boss kills, and wanting a more challenging path to clearing the content.
You have to be willing to wipe a lot to get things right, take criticism when you are told you are doing something wrong, come to the raid know tactics and even offering options from your class talents, glyphs abilities, you must be willing to think for your self when the fight starts but listen to commands when the raid leader is telling you tactics or commands mid fight.

Team Heroic
This will be a 10-30 man team who want to kill all the current content but don't want the stress of Mythic raiding. You'll still be expected to be able to raid and follow instruction but the aim is more to clearing the bosses and not pushing for realm kills.

Team Normal
This third raiding team will be another 10-30 man team, but with a more laid back approach to the content. Focusing more on having fun with a bunch of mates in the raiding environment and killing things at a leisurely pace. This team will more than likely not raid on the usual nights, so that when it's short on raiders it can be filled up with alts of other players.

Raid Loot System:
Due to the new rules around personal loot and the ability to exchange items around the team Personal loot is the prefer guild choice of loot systems. This will give the higher chance of loot drops and help distribute loot across the raid so that everyone has a chance to get gear and increase their ilvl each raid night. (At the start of new raids its beneficial to gear the tanks and healers up first to ensure progress can be made. This is not a requirement but works out best if items can be passed on to bolster these other classes.) Surplus items being found should be passed to enchanters to disenchant in to enchanting mats for keeping raiders gear enchanted.

Signing Up and Backing Out:
Signing up for Raids is simple. If there's something the Raid Leader may need to know, such as how you plan to be spec'd or you're unsure you'll be able to make it, that you'd be happy to go but not in place of someone who needs loot, would have to leave early, may not make it on time please post it in the forums..

VERY IMPORTANT: If you need to back out of a run :
1) Send the Raid Leader an in-game mail
2) Post in the forums
3) (Least preferable but way better than nothing) Get someone else to let the Raid Leader / an officer know.

Failure to do any of the above causes headaches for the raid leader, delays raids and in some circumstances be cause for a raid to be cancelled. With this in mind we have a black list system and if we see it as a regular occurrence you may find that the raid leader decides not to give you a spot in the following raid as a result.

Attendance, Preparedness and No Shows:
We are a casual raiding guild and as such do not have any minimum required raid attendance and there is no down side to not signing up for raids; other than the fact that we recruit selectively based on what classes/specs are signing up to raid. That said, if you sign up, you are expected to show up on time and prepared as detailed above.

On progression nights (i.e. when you will be expected to wipe alot) bring extra consumables, pots, etc. Do not expect to show up with empty bags and have other people carry you.

Thanks for your time

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